Remember- in heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here! 

Generally, when road tripping to places we aren't familiar with, our first stop is always the local brewery. It's a very good looking glass into how many of the locals live, as well as a place that creates a sort-of community within the town. And usually, that's the type of community we want to belong to.

While we had been to Bell's more times than we can count in college, our true love of discovering "new favorite" breweries started while on a trip to Asheville, NC in 2014. It was there that we discovered Green Man Brewing and Burial Beer Co.; two low-key, beer-centered breweries that felt like hanging out at an old friend's place- both of which have grown tremendously since we first visited. Over the years we have learned that our taste in breweries varies- we respect the ones that have full kitchens, pumping out tasty dishes that pair well with certain beers, but our heart lies in the kind the serve nothing but beer and maybe some free popcorn or pretzels.
It would be impossible to list all of the breweries we love- we've been to quite a few. Instead, here's are some of our "new favorites" along with a few reasons as to why we recommend them. Check it out & we'll check ya later. :)
All the way up(!), in Michigan's pinky nail, is a tiny gem of place that serves gigantic soft pretzels with delicious beer cheese dip. They don't have a big food menu, as the bartender said "only bits and bites," but let's be real- we don't go to breweries for the food. We go for the beer. And their beer is worth the trip. Their tap is always changing and the beer you want is not guaranteed to be on the list- but fear not. It's all good. We were fans of the Coconut Porter and the fruity goodness that is Mango Gold.
On our 2nd Anniversary in 2018, we stayed at Ludington State Park and headed to the "new" brewery for dinner and a flight. Got to say it, love to say it- the staff was literally wonderful. Everyone was kind, which instantly made us feel right at home. We were given a tour of the facility by the Brewmaster, Tom Buchanan. It was pretty awesome to see where the magic happens in a place that is literally growing by the minute. At this point we've been back more times that we can count. We've had every type of pizza and every type of beer. Solid choices all around. BUT, big shoutout to the Watermelon Wheat which will forever be Meg's Summer drink of choice. 
While the Corner Brewery is merely a second location of Arbor Brewing, it is our favorite of the two for many reasons. Lots of space, board games to play, awesome garden/outside area, good happy hour, and most importantly- Strawberry Blonde Ale. Don't ask us about food, because we've never eaten there- BUT we have heard very good things. Mostly, we recommend getting a Strawberry Blonde and immediately finding a nice place to sit outside. Best spot in Ypsi by far.
Located in Lowertown/Ye Olde Village, there is a tiny gem in a town that deserves more good beer. This spot ranks high on Dan's list mostly for the free popcorn, but also for the tasty small batches they put out. This spot ranks high on Meg's list for the cute little patio in the back and her favorite beer of all time (even though she only had it twice) - the Guava Mango NEIPA. It was truly nectar of the gods and we hope they bring it back someday.
Live free or die. When it comes to places to travel, it seems like everyone is sleeping on New Hampshire. From the gorgeous White Mountains in the North to the cutest little towns dotted along the coast, New Hampshire won our hearts when we first visited in 2019. The Portsmouth Brewery is a must stop for any beer lover. They have a solid variety to choose from, and you can't go wrong with any choice. Our bartender was kind and eager for us to taste them all.  Let's put it this way- if we're in the area we would never NOT stop here. 
Being able to sit back and sip on a brew as you watch them make it is an experience in itself. This location of THAT Brewery is absolutely delightful in both it's appearance and the tasty beer they serve up. Bonus points for a solid selection of games. All in all, the vibes at THAT, were immaculate. 
Every day that we are not in Phoenix we miss O.H.S.O. If you need more of a reason to go, here are a few: they are dog friendly. They make dog treats from their spent grains and give them away for free! The food is insanely good. There are so many absolutely delicious beers and rotating taps that you will never get sick of it. They do a Brew Your Own Beer class at their Arcadia location. We were lucky enough to go. We learned the entire process of brewing and even got to name our own beer, a White IPA aptly named White Iverson in honor of our boy Post Malone obvi. O.H.S.O. is a must go if you're in the Phoenix area.
Probably the biggest distributor on the list but for good reason. TBH, we were not fans of the New Belgium beers we had tried prior to going to the brewery. It was there we learned that the company is employee owned which is BADASS. And it was also there where we tasted The Hemporer for the first time. We instantly became fans. 
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